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Published Date : 05/08/2019
Closing Date : 31/08/2019
Economic Sector Telecommunications
District in Mauritius PLAINE WILHEMS
Country Mauritius
Company Website
Duties of Job

Stock movement controller
Supervise material receipt from either vendors or customer, ensuring safe unloading and placement in assigned storage location
Carry out initial checks on received materials for verification of items as per Purchase Order, Material Requisition or Customers Material Request Documentation
Ensures that all orders respective to clients are well stored and allocated with labeling (order number, name of the supplier, date of arrival)
Distributing of materials to the appropriate department and ensuring the items are kept and monitored to adhere to the safety standards
Establishes delivery and distribution schedules following agreement with the Administrative department
Responds to inquiries of staff and vendors for the purpose of providing information and/or direction regarding the status of deliveries, and/or reporting discrepancies to appropriate personnel.
Ensures that all documents are in order and that established procedures are respected

Job Summary

Store Keeper
Ensures that clients have signed Delivery Notes regarding deliveries and Intervention Reports for work on site
Ensures collection of all clients returns and sort products in order that sellable products are sent back to store.
Update inventory book / Excel Inventory for each movement of equipment.
Conducts physical inventories for the purpose of verifying stock and identifying losses.
Ensure the maintenance of the stores (arrange amenities as needed), Check inventory and the condition of stored items at regular intervals.
Maintain good housekeeping in all stores and premises areas.

Other Skills / Competencies

Excellent in Excel, English and French
Positive atttitude

Age Group 30 - 50
Technical Qualification Required Certificat d'Aptitude Professionnelle
Experience Required 5 - 10 years
Salary Proposed 1001 - 2000
Currency Type Mauritian Rupees
Working Hours 08h00 - 17h00