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Published Date : 15/12/2016
Closing Date : 21/01/2017
Economic Sector Manufacturing-Textiles &Wearing Apparel
District in Mauritius PLAINE WILHEMS
Country Mauritius
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Duties of Job

1. Have a strong understanding of welding equipment maintenenace, calibration and troubleshooting      
2. Able to weld using both manual metal arc (MMA) and metal inert gas (MIG)     
3. Ensure regular patrol in the company to monitor and control the technical aspect of the floor.     
4. Ensure regular maintenance of the company’s infrastructure      
5. Ensure no downtime due to anomalies on the network for steam, water and compressed air      
6. Ensure that the team respect all welding procedures to respect health and safety regulations      

Job Summary

The Chief Welder will be responsible for the good running of the welding team in the maintenance department.

Other Skills / Competencies

a. Ideal candidate should have a professional qualification in Welding.     
b. Candidate should have at least 5-10 years of experience in the post of welder      
c. Candidate should have a good knowledge of industrial machines.     
d. Experience in the textile or any industrial sector      
e. Excellent communication Skills

Age Group 25 - 35
Academic Qualification Required BREVET D'ETUDES PROFESSIONNELLES
Technical Qualification Required NC 4/NTC 2
Experience Required 5 - 10 years
Currency Type Mauritian Rupees